Top MultiPractic
3 Tray cart


Beauty and utility for your kitchen and beyond.

The MultiPractic cart is as its name indicates ideal for use in various activities that require having to store any objects, allowing mobility simply.



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  • Fondo Papas
  • Fondo Cebollas
  • Fondo Vegetales 3
  • Fondo higiene
  • Fondo papel toilette
3 Tray cart


Practic, elegante and highly versatile.

The MultiPractic is ideal for storing vegetables; By their ventilated design contribute to their freshness.

Always keep the floor free of dirt because the MultiPractic does not have perforations at the base of the trays, so they can retain traces of potato soil, onion skins, small leaves or fragments that detach or liquids that can be leaked by vegetables.

MultiPractic can also be used to store cleaning products, personal care products, etc. Its wheels allow easy movement to be able to easily clean the place where it is.

Everything you need is in the package

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