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All purpose stackable box


Complementing the utility with beauty

interlocked lids, always present, always helpful, polypropylene copolymer, high impact resistance, this box is ready to work stronger, domestic or industrial, but without losing the style and beauty product characteristics Practiline.


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All purpose stackable box


Beauty, convenience and resistance
Spectacular 52 liters Box that besides its strength and high quality , has a beautiful and practical design, and a finish in the best style of Practiline.

The contrast combination of shine and textures carefully applied on the covers and the body, and the use of trendy vibrant colors, give this unique box a very interesting and attractive look.



As the  Forte Box do, the YingYang box has integrated lids, so they can be open for transportation, making more room because the boxes go one inside the other. When is time to storage simply closing the lids the boxes will easily stack.


Choose between white or transparent body

YingYang Transparente

They stack with integrated lids

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