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Drawer kart


Everything on it´s place the easy way

With smooth and curvy lines, PractiKart keeps things organized in style, whether in the office, study, in the company or the children´s room. A huge range of colors and combinations, allows to integrate your PractiKart easily into your decor.


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  • Fondo Camisas
  • Fondo Lana
  • Fondo Hairdresser
  • Fondo Juguetes
  • Fondo Zapatos 3
  • Fondo pinturas
  • Fondo papel toilette
  • Fondo Papas
Drawer Kart 


An easy and economical way to maintain order.

With 3 or 4 drawers , this spectacular karts are ideal for keeping order in style. Available in a wide variety of color combinations and with fine finishes , can be integrated easily into the bedroom decor for children, in business, in any corner of the house . Use the PractiKart in the kitchen, in bedrooms, in children’s games room , garage or even in the bathroom . The PractiKart can also be very useful in offices, hairdressing salons, workshops, laboratories , etc. Made from high quality polypropylene and with wheels to allow easy movement when is time to clean.

PractiDrawer, all the advantages with 1 or 2 drawers

Great variety of colors and combinations

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