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Mission,Vision, Values & Policy

Mission, Vision, Values & Policy.


Create and develop products for domestic and industrial use of high quality and best price for consumers.


Consolidate, in various international markets our brand. Ensuring that our brand is always associated with the products and services of excellent quality and very useful, but can be purchased by anyone. Actively participate in the development of the region in which we find us in all its aspects, becoming a reference brand positive for everyone.



PRACTILINE is available to work with public and private. Always keeping  our independence and autonomy, in strict compliance with a loyal relationship with all stakeholders.


A systematic search of the capacity of all those working in the company – from management until the last collaborator, is a constant practice.


The management knows that this value is the difference in relation to an important part of competition


The long years of work in this business line are shared with all employees.

International market knowledge

Launching Practiline in Portugal,  the management is applying to the company their 30+ years oof experience in foreign markets.

  1. Constant investment in quality, innovation, creativity, using the latest technology and the development of our teams.
  2. personal commitment and responsibility, environmental, business, labor and social.
  3. Orientation towards people and their needs.
  4. Constant creation of value and economic development.
  5. Always keep the balance between quality, price and usefulness. Thereby generating value for our company, our partners, consumers, society and our workers.