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Stacking boxes


A very attractive and comfortable solution.

This spectacular line of boxes to stack has been developed thinking on the users, therefore we eliminated the sharp edges of traditional boxes, getting more comfort for your hands while a much more appealing look.


cajas apilables montadas 3
  • Fondo tornillos
  • Fondo dental
  • Fondo electronica 1
  • Fondo herramientas
  • Fondo tornillos2
  • Fondo pinturas
  • Fondo Conectores
  • Fondo orings
Foto Novaline tamanos
  •    A 200mm x 135mm x 110mm
  •    B 260mm x 160mm x 140mm
  •    C 330mm x 195mm x 170mm
  •    D 410mm x 255mm x 200mm
Stacking boxes


Sturdiness with a soft touch on your hands.

NovaLine stacking boxes, are made with Copolymer Polypropylene of high impact resistance, this material is much more flexible and therefore has much better mechanical properties, being much more difficult to fracture.

The wavy bottom provides even greater resistance by its structure and is covered with a texture that avoids thescratches. NovaLine boxes can be stacked in bulk forming “hives. ”

novaline montadas vermelhas

4 Sizes

Foto Novaline colores
NovaLine tag slot
Novaline juntas 1
Novaline Referencias
Novaline Embalaje