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BPA Free
Practiline products BPA free

Bisphenol – A, also known as BPA , is a chemical used in the manufacture of plastics , it is also a component of epoxy resin ( thermosetting plastic that hardens when mixed with a catalyst agent or ” hardener “) .


BPA molecula

BPA has long been used in the lining of almost all food and beverage cans, plastic bottles and medical and dental materials.

In Europe there is legislation prohibiting the use of plastics that have raw material which is found Bisphenol – A, and forces manufacturers to use any other BPA-free resin.

We inform consumers that all Practiline products are free of Bisphenol – A, our main raw material used for the manufacture of its products is polypropylene (PP), completely non-toxic and harmless to health.

To determine the type of plastic used in a product, just check in the plastic container background the number of recycling that is marked inside a triangle. If labeled with numbers 1, 2, 4 or 5 means that the plastic product does not contain BPA.  If checked the number 3 or 7 means the product contains presence of BPA.


codigos de reciclaje seguros

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In ourRegulations and Certifications section you can find the certifications of our suppliers of raw materials in which you can confirm the absence of hazardous substances in our products.