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Frequently asked questions

What is plastic made of?, what do you use to make your products?

People often talk about “plastic” when they speak of our products and the like, the truth is that there is a huge amount of polymers with very different features and prices, and we should be very careful in selecting the most suitable polymers for each application getting the best performance at the lowest possible price.

In addition to the most suitable type of polymer having regard to its mechanical characteristics; fluidity, rigidity, flexibility and stability in the working conditions of each product; in Practiline we also use only high quality certified pigments for use in food packaging, and the most appropriate raw materials, ensuring full security for users in normal use.

It is recycled from other plastics?

Certainly in some cases we use recycled raw materials, but only recycled raw materials from our own production process or from providers offering sufficient quality assurance, and we only use them in products where you can use them safely.

In Practiline, optimum quality is a top priority, this factor often does not help us sell in markets targeted only at the price, but we think that over time, the quality ends up imposing on the consumer preference.

How do I contact a Practiline´s sales person?

Pleas contact us using Phone, fax, or e-mail; immediately will direct the contact to a sales representative and this will contact you.

Dou you sell directly to the public?

Unfortunately we can not sell directly to the public (the minimum amount that can be sold is usually too high for a final consumer due to the huge cost of shipping), but simply a contact via email or phone and we will provide you with information about a distributor near you where you can find our products.

What if I want the product X in the color Y?

We have a huge range of colors in our product lines, you will usually find in the range the color you need. We can not for technical reasons make immediately a particular color, pigments must be developed and the quantities to be manufactured must necessarily justify the production of that particular color (Pigments suppliers only develop from a certain amount).

Does Practiline sell only one color package or assorted too?

Our primary mission is to make life easier for our customers so far as possible we try to be very flexible and work with your needs, we have both options available as well as Box-Pallets and can adapt to any that would be required, see our site, you will find all the packaging options we have available.

Practiline delivers or merchandise have to be picked up at the factory?

According to the quantities ordered, our deliveries are made directly at the point of sale of each client.

In the case of establishments with several subsidiaries, the option is preferably by centralized delivery. If customers wish, you can also come to our factory. Of course we can also make international deliveries prior arrangement.

Can you send me a catalog and price list?

We like to make a personal contact in order to ascertain the true needs of each client, with which we are pleased to gather and display in place our samples, so our customers can have direct contact with our products and can personally prove our quality and details that differentiate our products; but we can effectively send a PDF version for your consultation.

How are the goods delivered?

An extra care we have is that the quality of our products arrive intact to our customers, for this we have cartons with all appropriate measures, we have for some special needs BoxPallets or ½ Box. Normally the packages are carried in Europallets and if that is appropriate for our customers can ship the boxes without pallets optimizing transport.

What is the maximum temperature that can be used in microwave? Can I use PractiFresh in the dish washer machine, or in the freezer?

In the case of the practi Fresh lines, microwave can be used to heat food, keeping the lid open even if not completely removed. They can be safely heated food just above the boiling point to about 115 ° C. Should not use the PractiFresh for cooking because they can be deformed to be subjected to high temperatures for a long time. There is no obstacle to the use of PractiFresh in dishwashers, also in the freezer or in the refrigerator.

Can you produce products wit my brand?

There are many companies in the market dedicated partially or exclusively to manufacture products under its own brand to their customers; In Practiline this is not an objective, our experience with other brands we produce has led us to be recognized in the markets where we are present as quality references, as serious business and providing excellent service. We take great pride in our products and we think most convenient for our company and for consumers is that we always know that we made the products we distribute and we take responsibility for our quality.

We are happy to develop business partnerships with all clients and to provide them the best service and attention, preserving the quality over everything.

We do not rule out developing products jointly with our customers for the use of their brand, but we prefer that are specifically developed for this purpose. In this sense we provide all the support you need from initial concept, 3d, prototyping, through the development of molds to the phase of the injection parts.

Do you have raw materials certifications?

Yes, all the original raw material we purchase and that comes from different parts of the world is covered by our suppliers by its safety certificates issued by the manufacturers. Also our pigments are certified which ensures the quality and safety for contact with food (including the pigments we use in parts that are not for food). You can find all the documentation on this section.

Moulds and tools are yours?

Yes, in Practiline and other group companies, we have developed all our products from scratch and all the molds are our property.

Do you inject parts for third party clients?

Not being this our primary activity, we can study a particular case and subject to availability of equipment, accepting injection work, always with the full guarantee of proper care of the molds and tremendous experience in injection.

Does Practiline have IML?

We look forward to IML in the near future, but at the moment we do not have IML in Practiline.

Is your company environmentally friendly?

The plastic injection process is very clean and 98% of the material that has some small imperfection is recycled within our own facilities and reused, therefore Practiline does not produce any waste. Do not exist in our process any emissions to the atmosphere, nor shed any chemicals into the sewers. The cooling process works in a closed circuit and is completely free of pollutants, hydraulic oils that must be replaced after long periods of use, are delivered directly in our facilities to companies certified for this type of activity using their certificated trasnportation methods and equipments.