Top BigBox 110 and 78
Organization boxes


Beauty and comfort in big format

Box with huge 76 and 110 liters capacity with 6 wheels and easy locks on the extremes very easy to use.


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BigBox Practiline 78 and 110lt

6 directional wheels and very comfortable handles

Big box under
BigBox under

Very easy to open and close latches

Organization boxes


Huge capacity, comfort and resistance.

Spectacular 78 and 110 liter box with very soft finishing that ensure comfort on your hands; 2 very easy to open and close latches, 6 directionable wheels and a smal container with lid incorporated on the lid for aromatizers or anti-moth products. The BigBox is perfect to store any kind of products on a diverse range of environments.

BigBox detalle cierre

Lidded compartment  for anti-moth or aromatizers

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Detalle cierre big one
78 and 110 liter - 18.5 / 30 Gallon capacity
BigBox de 110 y 78 juntas webIII

Available with 78 and 110 liter capacities

Comprehensive color range

78 liters

BigBox 78 litros gama transparente
BigBox 78 litros gama color

110 liters

BigBox transparente gama
BigBox color mas color gama

Available also in Nature Line

BigBox 78 litros gama NatureLine
BigBox NatureLine gama
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