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Who we are
Who we are

Who we are?

Experience,tradition and constant development
We are a company owned by a human group with over 30 years experience in the design, development, production and distribution of plastic products for domestic and industrial use.

This group formed in Venezuela under the leadership of Mr. Comendador Manuel Lourenço Ascenção, won a leading position in the market, and decided in 2007 to create Practiline in Portugal, a country with whom he always had strong technical and emotional connections, this being its fourth company in operation, while maintaining the same philosophy from the beginning, excellence in design, excellent quality and reasonable price.

With this winning strategy we have grown continuously and in a solid fashion, always ensuring our customers an excellent “win-win” partnership , with particular attention at the convenience of the end user and with a high responsibility corporate, environmental and labor.

We pride ourselves on established trust and satisfaction with all our business partners through Practiline brand, in the certainty that working together we satisfy effectively and efficiently market needs ensuring response readiness, rigorous implementation and enforcement of deadlines Of delivery.

In order to continue our sustained growth, we bet on the combination of modern materials, best price/quality ratio , the implementation of advanced technology, the adoption of stringent quality criteria and a young and ambitious team.

Armed with a management based on competence and flexibility we are now working on the certification of our Quality Management System.

Our Design

One of Practiline’s strengths lies in its extensive knowledge in design and conceptualization of products; We develope our design “in house” from initial sketches to the final 3D using the most advanced existing software tools on the market. Our extensive experience in this area allows the constant development of new products without relying on third parties. Once finalized the product design by the end 3d, we participate actively with our specialist partners in mold design and conceptualization of the respective molds, minimizing errors and reducing the time to market” while protecting the final originality of our projects.

Who we are
Total controsl, from the idea to the final product
Total control

As the process is carried out completely by Practiline, our products have the guarantee of quality that distinguishes us. Our software tools let us optimize the structural design in order to achieve maximum strength and durability with the least possible cost.

Who we are
Passion for quality

In Practiline, when we talk about quality, only the perfect is tolerable.

Our employees are fully aware of this business philosophy from the very moment that are part of our group and constantly procedures and improvements are introduced into our production lines in order to ensure that the quality objectives are always satisfied.

We are constantly working on improving the service to customers, efficiency in delivery, appropriate packaging every need, etc.

A great effort of our entire team to ensure our customers the best quality at a reasonable price.


Who we are
Who we are
Who we are
Who we are