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Comfort and lots of style

Spectacular, comfortable and resistant stackable stool that reflects perfectly the essence of Practiline , the best quality at a very reasonable price.

A lot of friends at home with short notice?

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MaxiBanco black
Use with Fortaleza Table
Both allow to store in a very small place and seat a lot of people



Comfort and resistance

Always under our philosophy; Excellent quality at reasonable price, we create the spectacular MaxiBanco, combining the beauty of our design, functionality, always ensure the strength and an amazing array of colors tointegrate in any environment.

The MaxiBanco was created with the idea of providing the user with a real comfort, with further support the body and a small support to suit the natural curves of the body. Most of the existing stools are flat and become very uncomfortable very quickly. The MaxiBanco is unique in its class, it is more expensive, is simply much better.

The MaxiBanco is ideal for storing, in a small space can be stacked easily to ensure they are always there when more people arrive.

Banco de lado con persona
Mesa fortaleza azul con 4 maxibancos lila
MaxiBanco apilados verde

In a small space

MaxiBanco y Mesas Fortaleza acomodadas

Comfort and resistance

MaxiBanco colores
maxibanco Referencias
MAxibanco Embalaje